Creative Non-Fiction Writing

A 6-week online course
Mondays, Mar 1-Apr 5, 4:30-6pm

Duration: 6 weeks
Day: Mondays
Time: 4:30pm-6pm
Total Hours: 9
Dates: Mar 1-Apr 5
Location: ONLINE
Price: $129

Learn basic composition techniques, descriptive devices and the editing skills that transform ordinary subjects such as parenting, traveling or just observing a daily routine into compelling and affective prose. This workshop includes short in-class writing exercises, no-holds-barred critiques, and discussions about how to make non-fiction writing dramatic, animated and memorable.

About the instructor

CK Wolfson is an award-winning writer whose features have been published in national and regional magazines and newspapers for more than thirty years. A year-round Islander, she earned a reputation for her work as feature writer for the Vineyard Gazette, and then as an editor at the Martha’s Vineyard Times. She authored Painting a Life: Ray Ellis, An Artist Seen Through His Work.


“I would absolutely recommend her class!”

“CK is an effective teacher and I would take any class she taught.”

“I highly recommend this course for any aspiring writer.”

former students of CK’s Creative Non-Fiction classes