Electrical Machinery

Electrical Machinery (EGR 151)

Wednesdays 6pm-9pm Jan 22 – May 6
3 college credits

This is the first course in our Offshore Wind Tech Certificate Program
Open to general public as well as Wind Tech cohort

This course studies the principles of AC and DC circuits including electromagnetic induction and power factor, AC motor principles including inductive and synchronous type machines and DC series, shunt, and compound wound devices. Motor starting and speed control are also covered from an operational point of view. Pre-requisite: Intermediate Algebra competency or concurrent enrollment in MTH 152 (below). Three class hours per week. This is a 3-credit engineering course offered on Martha’s Vineyard in partnership with Bristol Community College.

Course Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the fundamentals of simple AC&DC circuit analysis and troubleshooting.
2. Apply system analysis in industrial applications.
3. Explain the function and use of various industrial transformers, voltage regulators, switches, resistors, capacitors, inductors and AC & DC motors.
4. Demonstrate safe electrical practices, such as lock out tag out, per OSHA and Industrial standards.

Instructor: Dana Munn
14 Wednesdays, Jan 22-May 6, 6-9pm
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