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Fitchburg State University

Educational Research

Instructor: Linda Hirsch

This online course is for ACE MV students who are enrolled in our Masters in Education program in partnership with Fitchburg State University.

9 weeks:  May 30- July 28 
Location: ONLINE
Fee: $1007

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Fitchburg State University

Topics: Teaching Writing through Student Feedback and Assessment

Instructor: Margaret Regan

Student writing is a critical thinking tool for higher-order thinking. With the advent of technology and media, student writing must be assigned during school hours as well as outside of class. Coaching student writers requires debunking the myth that good writers simply sit down and write. Through a thorough examination of the writing process, the development of student writing portfolios, and the rehearsal of best practices in writing assessment, teachers will learn to incorporate writing and feedback strategies for writers. Evidence-based writing, research-based writing, trusted search engines for student use, and proper attribution and annotation of sources grades will be emphasized.

11 weeks: March 7- May 23
Tuesdays, 4:00-7:15pm
Location: MVRHS Library Conference Room
Fee: $1012 / Includes Class Materials

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Fitchburg State University

Using Technology to Enhance Student Achievement Instructor: Mike Leamy

Online course. This course is for 3 graduate-level credits through Fitchburg State University. 

8 weeks: Nov. 7- Dec. 30
Location: Online
Fee: $1007


By submitting a payment through this site you agree to ACE MV’s TERMS OF REGISTRATION.

Initial licensure For Teachers (Class Measures)

Instructor: Peg Regan, Performance Review Program Initial Licensure (PRPIL) Consultant

Attain your initial licensure through the Class Measures approach with a consultant from the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education and an island mentor through a portfolio- based practicum here in your own classroom. You must be hired by the MV Public Schools as a teacher of record in your subject to qualify. Licensure is valid for 5 years and renewable for another 5 years. Observations in classroom, consultation by appointment.

September 2016 – June 2017 Fee: $ 2,600 For more information, e-mail or call 508-693-9222 RSVP

Art of Medical Interpretation

Instructor: Cross Cultural Communication Systems, Inc.

Per the Department of Labor statistics, “employment of interpreters and translators is expected to grow 42% from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations.” Interpreters are in great demand nationwide. Use you bilingual skills, build interpreting skills and use networking opportunities to enhance your professional goals. Earn a Art of Medical Interpretation 60-hour Certificate of Accomplishment through this 8 week course. You must be fluent in both English and Portuguese and Spanish. *All students must pass a language screening least on September 23 to enroll in the program.

9 Saturdays and 9 Sundays 10-4pm
October 14- December 9 (Language Screening is September 23, 10am-6pm)
Fee: $650 (installment payments available)
Location: MVRHS 501

Language Screening

One Saturday 10-6pm (Each screening is approximately 1 hour)
September 23
Fee: $55 (non-refundable)
Location: MVRHS Cafeteria
Please call (781) 729-3736 or
email: to sign up!

Fitchburg State University

Topics: Studying Teaching and Learning

Instructor: Lynn Ditchfield Through individualized projects, readings, presentations, journals, and experiential learning, candidates will examine critical pedagogy. Candidates relate theory to practice focusing on curriculum design using creative learning strategies and 21st Century skills for inclusion and engagement to align with academic content and learning themes. Final “process projects” are practical and individualized according to each candidate’s goals and content area. Options include: multi-media portfolio presentation, lesson plans, an article for a professional journal, or a grant proposal design. This course is especially appropriate for all pre-K to 12 educators, candidates of the Masters in Education Program, people exploring a new career direction, and may also be applied to other fields of science, mental health, healthcare and humanities. 10 Mondays: 3:30pm-7:15pm March 14 – May 23 MVRHS 115/ Fee: $957 ($612 to ACE MV, $345 to FSU)

Fitchburg State University

Teaching and the Art of Curriculum Development

Instructor: Peg Regan All good teaching requires design and redesign, beginning with a strong curriculum that outlines the most essential ideas. Without a well developed curriculum, teachers are often left to work from a textbook or on-the-fly lesson plans. Collaborating with other professionals allows teachers to lay a strong foundation for each course they teach. This course provides the participants with the knowledge, skills and understanding to develop curriculum in a standards-based learning environment. Participants read and analyze the essential concepts of curriculum theory and align subject-area curriculum to state and national standards, and write and implement units of study for their classroom. Content standards as defined by the Common Core are emphasized. Tuesday – Thursday, 8:45am-12pm July 5 – 28 MVRHS 115/ Fee: $957 ($612 to ACE MV, $345 to FSU)

Fitchburg State University

Differentiated Content Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms

Instructor: Ruth Joseph This course will delineate instructional and managerial strategies that can be used in classrooms to address the individual learning needs, strengths, and styles of all students.  Emphasis will be placed on best practices that maximize student learning within the regular classroom.  The most current and promising practices, as well as relevant research, will be presented.  Areas of specific study will include special education, second language learners, learning style and brain research, gifted and talented, technology and rubric design.  The varied learning environments, content, processes and product for the course strive to reflect the best practices in differentiated instruction including Universal Deign for Learning (UDL). June 6th – July 29th Fee: $962 Online