Intro to Creative Thinking

A 2-hour interactive webinar
Wednesday, Sep 23, 1pm-3pm

Duration: 2 hours
Day: Wednesday
New Date!: Sep 23
Time: 1-3pm
Location: ONLINE
Price: $49
Susan Robertson, Founder of Sharpen Innovation and Instructor at Harvard University
Anne Manning, Founder, Drumcircle LLC and Instructor at Harvard University

To put it mildly, these are turbulent times. When the challenges get tough, our brains’ first instinct is to rely on familiar thinking patterns and the solutions that have worked before. The problem is, when we are facing complex new challenges that don’t have one, clear, known answer, what worked in the past might not work now; in fact, it probably won’t. We have to do the deliberate work of finding new ideas and then turning those ideas into workable solutions. That requires intentional creative thinking. 

Creative thinking is a deliberate process of uncovering, refining and implementing new and useful ideas. It is a set of learnable skills and tools that you can apply to problems in your personal and work life. 

In this 2 hour, interactive webinar, we provide an introduction to the foundational principles of creative thinking.

You will learn about:

  • how to define creative thinking and how it relates to innovation
  • the mind-set that is necessary to be an effective creative thinker.
  • where ideas come from, and how to foster an environment that is open to possibilities, even in the midst of uncertainty.
  • how we frequently sabotage ourselves when we need new ideas.
  • two tools you can use immediately, to identify possibilities and control uncertainty.

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