iPhone/Mobile Phone Photography for Marketing & Social Media

A 4-Week Online Course
Wednesdays, Aug 5-Aug 26, 4-5pm

Length: 4 weeks, 1 hour per week
Day/Times: Wednesdays 4-5pm
Dates: August 5-26
Location: ONLINE via Zoom
Price: $39
Instructor: Marnely Murray

What makes a good social media photo? Is it the lighting? The perspective? The composition? The editing?

Actually, it’s a blend of all of the above.

In this class, you will learn hands-on tips and tricks that you can apply immediately — using nothing but your mobile phone! You’ll learn about light and composition, how to edit your photo after it’s taken, and how to translate your photos into a cohesive feed on your social media platforms. You’ll also learn about capturing video for social media and marketing, and how you can use it to your advantage to boost your business.

WEEK 1: Lighting and Composition on Mobile Phone Photography (Rule of Thirds, Landscape vs. Portrait, Flatlays)
WEEK 2: Editing and Organizing Photos for Social Media (Dropbox, Google Drive, Lightroom, Snapseed)
WEEK 3: Creating an Engaging, Consistent, and Visually Attractive Feed
WEEK 4: Using Your Phone for video (Capturing short videos for social media, InShot a mobile video app)

About the instructor

Marnely Murray is Partner/Co-Owner of Shored Up Digital, a Martha’s Vineyard based social media management and digital marketing agency. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, now working as a sous chef, food blogger, and social media consultant on Martha’s Vineyard. Her love for food takes her all over the globe, and that’s how she got started in the world of social media. As a food blogger on Cooking with Books, Marnely’s developed a brand of over 50,000 followers on her social media platforms. Not only a social media manager for Island clients, she is also a brand strategist for national food brands. Her outlook on social media is all about consistency and gorgeous photos – and although a tweet is only 280 characters, a photo attached is worth a thousand words! Her newfound love is TikTok, the latest social media platform, where one of her videos has recently gone viral with over half a million views in one day!