Island Geology: The Geological Landscape of Martha’s Vineyard

Photo by Julia L. Alexander / Atlas Obscura

A 4-week online course
Wednesdays, Mar 3-Mar 24, 6-7pm

Duration: 4 weeks, 1 hour per week
Day: Wednesdays
Dates: March 3-March 24, 2021
Times: 6-7pm
Location: Online
Price: $79

The landscape of Martha’s Vineyard and its geological story are strongly intertwined. From the coastal beaches and sandbars of Katama, to the cliffs of Gay Head, from the central plain of the Correllus State Forest to the rolling hills of Chilmark, all those features have been shaped by different forces through the island’s geological life.

In this course we will explore the island in terms of how its current landscape has been created by ancient geological events and how this landscape will likely evolve in the future under the action of the current natural events.

We will also understand how the specific geological structure of the Vineyard influences one of its most precious and vulnerable resources: the groundwater.

Join us in this travel through time to better understand the natural history of our unique island.

About the instructor

Dr. Giorgio Caramanna is a geologist with more than twenty years of experience in research and teaching at the university level. He moved to the Vineyard in 2015 and lives here with his wife and son. He is currently a consultant for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and runs his own
consulting firm, Geo Aqua Consulting in the field of geology research and associated technical support.