Software Class Requirements

Now that we are running our software classes online for the foreseeable future, we no longer have access to in-school computers. This means our requirements for our software classes have become dependent upon your setup at home.

These requirements are:

  • Access to a healthy computer with the most recent version of the software installed (for the class you are taking)
  • Access to reliable internet
  • Basic computer knowledge: how to open, start, use the keyboard and mouse (or touchpad), check your email, join an online Zoom session

Please note that most software is now sold on a monthly subscription basis, so if you do not have the latest version installed, you may have to purchase a subscription (some offer a free trial period, and all can be cancelled at any time). Purchase these subscriptions online via (for Excel) and

If you find that your computer is not compatible with the software, you may have to update your computer’s operating system or firmware. If it remains incompatible, we suggest waiting for an in-person class, and in the meantime viewing free online tutorials, accessible on software websites and on YouTube.

Basic Computer Skills
For newbies and technophobes

We are working on offering online classes on computer basics in the near future. Until then, please refer to the following resources:

GCFGlobal has a comprehensive, free online tutorial that can be accessed in full here. Click on the subjects of interest to you.

Ask your computer — tutorials are often built in to the firmware and can be accessed via the “help” feature.

Many Martha’s Vineyard libraries have offered free in-person workshops on computer basics in the past. Please contact your local libraries for any upcoming offerings, either online or in person.

YouTube offers a ton of free online tutorials on computer basics. Search for “basic computer skills [+ your computer type]” and choose from a huge list. (Try the ones with the most views first, they are usually better quality).