Teach for ACE MV

Martha’s Vineyard experts and educators: is there a class you’ve always thought you could teach to adult learners? Are you the go-to guru in your field and need a face-to-face platform to share what you’ve learned with your peers?

ACE MV is expanding its teacher pool and is especially looking for instructors of practical and career skill training. Our particular areas of interest are:

  • Administrative workplace skills
  • Job acquisition skills (resume writing, interviewing)
  • Entrepreneurial/small business skills (management, marketing, social marketing, accounting)
  • Trade skills (plumbing, electrical, engineering, construction, contractor CEUs, auto repair, etc.)
  • “Soft” skills or “human” skills for the workplace (public speaking, leadership, conflict resolution)
  • Software skills: GSuite, Excel, Quickbooks, WordPress, basic computer skills
  • Brazilian Portuguese for islanders who work alongside and/or serve the Brazilian community
  • Healthcare (Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Gerontology, etc.)
  • Hospitality and Tourism (restaurant management, hotel management, customer service, docent training)

We are also recruiting private tutors in ALL FIELDS that we can connect to the community for one-on-one or small group classes.

If you have a skill you’d like to share, please fill out this form today!

  • Some teachers choose to support ACE MV by donating their time. Otherwise, teachers are paid hourly for direct class time. Rate starts at $35 per hour and varies depending on class type.
  • Teachers are paid as independent contractors and may receive a 1099-MISC at end of calendar year.
  • Teachers must furnish a completed W9 form and submit to a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) background check with Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools BEFORE teaching any classes.
  • Teachers must read and agree to our policy and procedures manual and attend at least one ACE MV teacher orientation per academic year.
  • Teachers who wish to teach with visual presentations agree to schedule an audio/video test in their classroom at least 2 weeks before class begins.