Writing A Memoir

A 6-week online course
Wednesdays, Feb 17-Mar 24, 3-4:30pm

Duration: 6 weeks
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 3-4:30pm
Total Hours: 9
Dates: Feb 17-Mar 24
Location: ONLINE
Price: $149

Have you always wanted to start writing your memoir or autobiography?

Many people – from all walks of life – want to remember and pass on their significant moments or insights to their loved ones, their families, and the world. Perhaps the youngest person to write an autobiography was Anne Frank, who started hers when she was just 13. You don’t need gray hair to write your memoirs or autobiography: what you need is the desire to write. And for most people, having an instructor or guide, as well as the company of other people with the same goal, is a momentous first step towards achieving that goal.

In this class, you’ll start working on your memoirs – one or even a series of significant memories that changed the course of your life. Or you may decide that you want to write your autobiography – covering the span of your whole life. To help you take on this amazing project, you’ll work on a series of ‘life-writing’ exercises with the instructor and other students, while reading excerpts from published memoirs and autobiographies for inspiration.

You’ll write and get thoughts/comments from the instructor and whoever else in the class with whom you’d like to share your writing. And – from writers including Nelson Mandela, Amy Tan, Anthony Bourdain, Sarah Broom – and so many more: welcome to the literary world of memoir and autobiography!

About the instructor

Prof. Aline Wolff focuses both on the academic and the practical side of management, and has coached numerous start-ups and entrepreneurs. She has taught for more than 20 years at the NYU Stern School of Business, and has worked and consulted for organizations as varied as Goldman Sachs, IBM and Training/Vision Inc (Singapore).